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Director & Script: Eve A. Ma

Photo: D. Ibach
Photo: Gijsbert Copier


Lead Actor (Luis) & Director´s Assistant: Antonio de la Malena



Supporting actors


Nicolas Montoya (Miguel the banker)
Luis de la Tota (the friend, Josema)
Javier Padilla (Manolo and the drunk)
Esteban Viaña (the former boss, Javier)
Salvador Valle (the neighbor)


Productions stills

Shooting on the streets of Jerez
Domino players
In the bank
The young lovers in Puerto de Sta María
Luis and 2 of his kids
Actors in Peña Don Antonio Chacón
Shooting in Bar Gitanería
Inside the jewelry/pawn shop, Joyería Juncal
In front of Peña Recreativa "el Toke"